Whether you need help loading a truck, unloading a container or moving furniture in your home, you can rely on our professional moving labor help.

  • Local Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Residential Moving
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • General day Labor Services
  • Assembling Services
  • Large and Heavy Item Moving
  • Furniture Moving

    Whether you’re changing neighborhoods or moving down the block, J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. are prepared to heighten the efficiency and comfort of the moving process. Our moving packages include full packing/storage options, as well as providing you with a specific time to know when you’ll be fully moved in. Our team is courteous, experienced. and fast working – we’ll get you home in no time.


    Whether you need to move your private office or your entire building, J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. has your business covered. Professional from the first consultation, our specialists will have your entire office packed overnight to minimize down-time and transferred to your new location safely and quickly. Our storage services are perfect for those looking to store overstock or office equipment.We offer multiple locations in Hillside, IL.


    Looking to relocate ? J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. offers homeowners the utmost professional residential moving services. We are prepared to assist in your move every step of the way; we offer a flat-rate moving package with zero added fees, and on-the-dot scheduling. Our technicians are skilled in safely and efficiently transporting delicate or important items – from pianos to sculptures – and will have you settled in your new location faster than you can say “there’s no place like home.”


    Feel daunted by the clutter? Wish you could just pack and move all your items with a snap? Worry no more:J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. offers full-service packing and unpacking services. Our servicemen will clean, organize, and box all your items – as well as unpacking and arranging them once they arrive at your new location. Stay around to assist or watch – or enjoy some leisure time elsewhere; J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. will take on the complete moving process so you don’t have to lift a single finger.


    If you’re in need of a strong back, extra hands, or just want to save your knees, J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. can offer you some of our beef-fed crew members to use for any heavy lifting or time consuming jobs.

    Labor jobs are quoted by the hour (does not include the use of a truck, dollies and moving blankets), with the price reflecting how many crew members you and your moving guru decide are needed. All moves are charged in 15 minute increments after the 2 hour minimum. The time will start when the crew arrives at your home and end when the job is done. We charge a flat trip charge for your convenience based on where you are moving to or from. This will cover the mileage, fuel and any other trip costs needed to travel to and from the office from your location.

    We Provide Free online estimate, Unlimited Moving Pads, Unlimited Shrink Wrap, Tools for Disassemble & Assemble as needed, Dollies (Four wheel, Appliance & hand-Trucks available) at no cost.

    For all your moving requirements, contact J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc.


    At J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. we understand that any move, whether it is around the corner or across states, can be a stressful event in your life; and that’s why it’s essential to use an experienced and professional moving company to relieve this pressure.

    The J.C. Movers staff maintains constant communication throughout all stages of your move, ensuring that you are kept up to date and informed of the moving process. We maintain as much involvement as you require and J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. staff pride themselves in their proactive attitude and customer support.

    Our network of branches, serviced by our own fleet of trucks, means that J.C. Movers & Lumper Service, Inc. daily moving household goods securely from door to door.

    We’re not limited to long distance moving.

    MI-BOX Moving & Mobile Storage offers the most advanced in portable storage technology – and personal convenience. When you use MI-BOX portable storage units for your home or business storage needs, you experience the many things that set us apart from other mobile and traditional storage options. Personalized service, competitive prices, industry knowledge, and years of experience all to provide our customers with the best possible moving and storage experience – The MI-BOX Advantage.

    Service is what you can expect from all MI-BOX dealers. Each location is locally owned and operated. Our owners work and play in the communities they service. We all have family and friends who rely on us to get the job done right the first time. As a MI-BOX customer, you can expect the same family service every time.


    Lumpers are skilled laborers who specializes in loading and unload freight in distribution centers or warehouses. Lumper’s workload are repetitive and unloading of the same product such as (tires, beverages, cups, mechanical part, etc.) Their service may require them to sort product by SKU numbers, restack tires, or fix shift product and re-palletize for proper delivery.

    Our professional Lumpers are available for same day service; we offer fast and intelligent workers to adapt quickly to each assignment.

    The Following forms of payment are accepted:

  • Comdata Check
  • T-Checks
  • Cash
  • All Major Credit Cards

    Did you just finish moving out, but don’t have time to clean up? Did you just get the keys to your new residence and the previous occupants left a mess? Can’t get your security deposit back until the apartment is clean?

    If any of these situations, sound familiar – we’re here to help! No job too big or too small.

    Many people say that moving is one of the most stressful and exhausting life experiences. Getting your things in order, changing your address, scheduling transportation and moving services, perhaps changing school systems or going through a simultaneous career adjustment – it can all present a considerable amount of stress.

    Our cleaning services include:

    • Walls,
    • Baseboards and Cupboards,
    • Blinds and Windows,
    • Ovens and Countertops,
    • Refrigerators,
    • Sinks,
    • Showers,
    • Toilets,
    • Sweeping and mopping floors,
    • Vacuuming Carpets (Steam Cleaning costs Extra)

    And then, you have to make sure the residence you’re leaving is clean. This is where JC Movers Services can help relieve or eliminate some of that moving stress. Our cleaning staff is highly professional and very thorough. Don’t see what you’re looking for and you live in the Hillside-metropolitan area? Call us at 877-745-3646!