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Small Help in Moving Assistance Package (SMP)

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Economy Help in Moving Assistance Package (EP)

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Moving Assistance 3 for 3 Package (TFT)

JC Movers provides moving labor help assistance

Loading and unloading your rental truck, storage containers, and trailers require not only skills but a pair of strong arms and backs. Our Licensed and Insured Moving help can assist you in properly padding and securing your precious memories, adequately utilizing all of your space for securing your load for a smooth transit. Most importantly lifting, moving, rearranging your heavy furniture to your satisfaction. Click Here to get a 10% Discount.

No hidden fees:

  • Long Carry
  • No Stair Charge
  • Standard Tools included
  • Assembly & Disassembly of Furniture
  • 1 Furniture Dolly included
  • 1 Utility Dolly included
  • 45 Miles Travel Fee Included

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