If you’re in need of a strong back, extra hands, or just want to save your knees, Moving Labor Service can offer you some of our beef-fed crew members to use for any heavy lifting or time consuming jobs.

Labor jobs are quoted by the hour (does not include the use of a truck, dollies and moving blankets), with the price reflecting how many crew members you and your moving guru decide are needed. All moves are charged in 15 minute increments after the 2 hour minimum. The time will start when the crew arrives at your home and end when the job is done. We charge a flat trip charge for your convenience based on where you are moving to or from. This will cover the mileage, fuel, and any other trip costs needed to travel to and from the office from your location.

We Provide Free online estimate, Unlimited Moving Pads, Unlimited Shrink Wrap, Tools for Disassembly & Reassembly as needed, Dollies (Four wheel, Appliance & hand-Trucks available) at no cost.

For all your moving requirements, contact Moving Labor Service