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Moving away from home tips

If time has come for you to move away from family and friends, you are probably facing a situation you have never experienced before. It doesn’t matter if the reason is going to college or university, changing work or just leaving the hometown, there is a way you can cope with this problem. Dealing with moving away from family and friends is not an easy task and it can be stressful for young people. Despite all worries and fear you might have, check out our moving tips below and take advantage of our advice. If this is your first time moving out check out this guide that we are offering you here.

We are aware of the problems with moving to a new home and the possible solutions to them and this articles is meant to share more findings with you.

Moving away from home – prepare on what is the best time?
If you are a student or you have a full-time job like most people do, perhaps moving during the holiday or in the off peak season would be more appropriate for you. You can also save time by using your mobile to browse this information from our mobile website while being in the train or commuting in the subway. Now this is even easier with these free 5 applications that can help you move for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry.

Moving away from Home, Family and Friends Tips
Moving away from home for the first time is an exciting new challenge and you and your closest people may be a bit nervous about it. But as a great opportunity is opening up for you start preparing and ask them to participate. Decide which ones of your belongings you would like to take out with you when moving away from home. Make a list of them and divide them to separate categories: clothing, books, electronics, etc.

Once you start packing you can handle each category on its own and place all items of one type together in the boxes or bags. When moving away from family and friends ask them to involve themselves, too. Your parents might be able to advise you which things you will also need when leaving your home so have a discussion with them. You can also ask them to help you pack and move.

Packing and Moving Away From Home

Start by deciding will you be packing your things by yourself or you will get advantage of the full moving service move provided by movers. If you take the decision and the time to pack some of it personally you will save money from packing materials and moving labor as well and you’ll cut moving costs significantly.

How much will moving away from home cost? You can have yourself informed with our free moving cost estimator. After this professional movers will contact you and based on the details of your personal move they will give you an approximate calculation. Doing this, you can have an idea how much money will you need to move away from your home and plan your moving budget in advance.

Self Moving Service as an Option
If you are planning to spare some dollars when moving away from home supply yourself with the packing materials that you will need. A good idea would be to calculate how much would it cost and make a list of the places where you can buy them. Moving away from home is cheaper if you decide to make it by yourself, but in the end it may not be possible to plan all of the expenses. This is called self service. Although you will spend less money when moving away from family and friends if you decide to do it alone without the help of professionals, consider that it has a lot of disadvantages as well. It means that you will have to pack your belongings, rent a truck, load it yourself, drive it to your new home, unload it and unpack. If you have a full-time job like the majority of Americans, time may be tight on you. On the other hand, moving away from home is an event people rarely experience and chances are that organizing yourself to do it without professional help may be a real challenge. Moving away from family and friends using self service is much more time and effort engaging so consider the pros and cons of it well before you take this decision.

Full Moving Service Option

Hiring a moving company provides you with a much longer list of services that you can rely on in comparison to a self moving. The professionals with experience can guide you on every step of the way when moving away from home, explain the whole process to you and perform it. The different movers offer different services but most companies supply you with packing materials on the moving day, they pack and load your things, store them, transfer them to your new address, unload and unpack everything they have in their trucks. In the meantime you can also ask them for additional moving insurance. Trusting the experts may be a good choice because you will save time and effort. Finding a reputable company and moving safely with a moving company is an option worth considering in this case. Check on our frequently asked questions and the answers available for you and learn how much time will moving away from home take, how much it could cost you and what information will the movers need from you.

Moving away from family and friends can be a stressful experience. But once you are prepared how to handle it, what are your options and choices it gets much easier and achievable. A helpful article for your additional reading is 20 Things to Do Before Moving In or Out.

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Ways to Have a Stress-free Moving Experience

How to Move Without Stress

While most people agree that moving is stressful, there are ways to ensure you have a much less stressful move than you thought possible. There are lots of ways to reduce the stress of moving so you can actually enjoy the moment, look forward to the change and know that this move can be a positive and rewarding experience – a chance to start over.

Give Yourself Time
Time is not always in your control.

Sometimes a move sneaks up on us, forcing us to move last minute, and we have to act fast. If you can plan ahead, try to allow yourself at least eight weeks. I highly recommend twelve, especially if you need to hire movers and/or if you’re planning a summer move. But everything can be done without too much stress within eight weeks.

Get Organized
To stay organized during your move, make a list of all the tasks you need to do, then divide them into weeks, allowing yourself enough days to complete everything on that week’s list. If you’re unsure where to start, check out an eight-week plan that will ensure you stay on track.

Clear Out the Clutter
I recommend you tackle this one first: getting rid of the clutter will help you be, and feel, more organized. It will also ensure that when you begin packing, you’ll only be packing the things that you need to. There’s nothing more frustrating than packing items you’re going to get rid of after the move.

Ask for Help
Sometimes it’s difficult to ask for help. But remember, most people have been through at least one move in their lives and understand how hard it can be. Reach out. Ask friends and family if they can spare a couple of hours to help you sort, pack or move. If you’re moving far away, this could be one of the last opportunities you have to spend time together.

Say Goodbye
Allow yourself the time to say goodbye. Throw a party. Invite friends out for dinner. Take an hour everyday to walk through your neighborhood. Visit one favorite spot every day. Feel the memories and allow yourself to relive them one more time. This will also help with the transition from the old to the new and give yourself some much needed time to enjoy the moment.

Treat Yourself
During a stressful time like a move, we often don’t feel that there’s enough time to get all the tasks done, and as such, we often neglect our own needs and health. I know that I often go without enough sleep, spend long days packing without taking breaks and end up eating junk food just to save myself cooking time. While it may seem like you’re be efficient with your time, you’re also neglecting the most important moving tool that you have: yourself.

If you have children, treat them as well. Plan special evenings out to visit their favorite ice cream shop or restaurant or playground. Kids require special handling during a move; they’ll need time from you and patience, too.

Get Enough Sleep and Eat Well
I’m adding this in since these two items are the first on my list to be ignored, yet, they are the most important factors in keeping us healthy and happy.

So make sure you’re getting enough sleep and that you’re eating a balanced diet. Don’t skip meals and try not to live on coffee (although that can be difficult not to!).

Go With the Flow
Even if you’re the most organized mover ever, things will still go wrong. Unplanned events will happen, so you need to be flexible and allow yourself some extra breathing room to deal with these problems. Maybe return to your task list and timeline and work in some extra days if you can. Allowing for some wiggle room will ensure that you can adjust and feel calm even when chaos abounds.

Have a Back-up Plan
Now, I’m not talking about creating a full back-up plan, but rather that you have a list of options should some of the major pieces of your move fall out of place. For instance, I always keep a short list of back up movers and rental agencies, just in case.

I also allow a few days on either end of our move out/move in day should our moving company cancel or not show up. This can happen even though it’s rare. Plan for alternatives. You’ll feel better knowing that your uncle and his two-ton truck is available should you need it.

Be Prepared to Feel Uprooted
You’re going to be living in chaos for a while, with boxes everywhere and things feeling out of control. It’s normal to be upset when you can’t find the spatula or the crock pot; just remember to consult your lists and know that you’re organized and on track for this move. You’ve done the work, and even though there’s still more to go, it will get done.

And when you move into your new home, also remember that it’ll take a while for this new space to feel like your own – for you and your family to settle in. Give it time.

And remember to breathe.

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